At about midnight something woke me up.

It was just in time to see Younger Boy peek into my room to see if I was sleeping and then go downstairs.

So...I got up and sat at the top of the stairs.

He was gone for 25 minutes. 

When he came back up the stairs he told me he hadn't been down there more than a minute and that Middle Boy had told him to go downstairs.

I told him I had checked on Middle Boy and he was sleeping.

Now he wasn't, because Younger Boy was screaming about how no one loved him and how much he hated me.

As a consequence for being deceitful I took his phone.  At first he refused to give it to me and then he decided to throw it at me.  He followed up with taking all of the folded clothes from earlier in the afternoon and throwing them down the stairs.

He went in his room and slammed and kicked the door...repeatedly.

The entire time he was yelling about how I didn't care about him and didn't meet any of his needs except what was required by the state.  He also said that he hates me and wished he didn't live here.  No one ever wanted him here anyway.

More and more yelling and punching walls.

General chaos.
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