No sooner did I get off the phone with Attorney N than did she get a request from the state for a continuance on the matter of my foster care license.

Interestingly enough not only are they requesting a continuance, but they have also hired an OUTSIDE ATTORNEY to handle the case.  Not someone from HHS.

N thinks this is an interesting turn of events and that it plays in our favor.  She also thinks it is a sign the whole thing will go away after "the meeting".  Wondering if she is correct.

She told me I have the option to not grant them the continuance, but that there was no reason not to since my license is in tact until the outcome of the hearing.

She is wondering if it will keep being continued until such a time that Middle Boy finishes therapy and then the whole thing goes away.  Hmmmm......that's one way to solve the whole thing.
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