After he got back to the juvenile center this afternoon Middle Boy called me, because he wanted me to know that he had been thinking.

He started off by saying he stayed up all night thinking about how he had screwed up and that he needed to fix it and himself.

He said he thought that his priorities had been screwed up.  He wanted me to know that this family was the most important thing to him, but he hadn't been acting like it.  He wanted me to know that is going to change.

He is also saying that he is going to take school more seriously.  He has said that multiple times before, but I didn't question it.

He is remorseful.  He says he wants to fix all of the damage he had done.  I told him fixing the things wasn't as important to me as it was for him to fix the relationships and work on his anger.  I also told him it is going to be harder than fixing the things.

He didn't realize that he could be coming home today.  I told him I wasn't sure, but that it would be soon.

I have to go to the juvenile center for an interview to determine whether or not I will be able to manage the rules in our home.

Praises for his thinking.  Prayers that his actions will match his words.

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