Today I didn't have anyone who could pick up Middle Boy from school so the responsibility fell to me.

Let's just say it didn't go well.

School gets out at 2:40PM.  So I left work at 2:30PM to go get him, take him home and come back to work.

I get to the front of the pick up line in the normal place he is picked up.  He is there, but I can't get his attention, because he is tackling some kid in the snow.  Repeatedly. 

I call and text.  I don't honk the horn, because I am trying not to embarrass him.

I go and park in the parking lot and continue calling and texting.  He finally answers a call, but says he can't hear me and hangs up.  Doesn't call back just hangs up.

Finally I talk to him and tell him I am in the parking lot STRAIGHT OUT from where he is.  In fact, I can see him talking to me.  I tell him he has two minutes and I am LEAVING, because I have now been at the school for 30 minutes.

He FINALLY comes to the car and I am LIVID.  By the time I get him home my work day is done.  There is no point in going back.  Two more vacation hours WASTED.

This is going to be a long upcoming semester if I have to pick him up every day.
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