Middle Boy's friend, Z, is spending the night.  He is the son of a family from church, a former foster kid, and now has permanency.

When the two of them are together behavior reverts to seven year-olds.

We had to run some errands.  (What was I thinking?)  They were both REALLY irritated with me after they raced through a parking lot to the car and I made them go all the way back to the store and redo it.  I wouldn't unlock the doors until it happened.  They were STEAMING.

For the most part they did pretty well.  There was a lot of "one upsmanship" of foster care stories.  Lots of "well this is what happened to me".

They were respectful (for teens) and picked up after themselves (they were threatened).

I don't mind having him here.  Generally speaking he is a nice kid.
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