A couple of weeks ago we volunteered to do child care for the early Christmas Eve service at church.  In hindsight not sure it was a good idea, but Middle Boy really wanted to help out.

We were assigned to Room Three.  This is the room assigned to kids twelve to eighteen months.  Not necessarily what I would consider our forte.

There were six of them.  We had another adult with us.  Two little girls, a set of twin boys and two other boys.

It was interesting to watch my boys with them.  It was pretty obvious Middle Boy hadn't really held kiddos that age before, because what he was doing really looked awkward.  He was GREAT at playing with them though.  Really great.

Younger Boy was so tired it was hard to tell if he was connecting with them.  There was one little girl who kept dancing so he spent the majority of the hour singing and dancing with her.

It was a good volunteer opportunity for us as a family.  Not sure I would want to do it very often, but it was nice.

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