Uncle G asked if the boys know how to play Risk.  He had been wanting to play.  Youngest Sister likes to play, but with four kids age seven and younger it is tough for them to play.

So...Uncle G, the boys and I played Risk.  We had one observer, Nephew W, and two cheerleaders for my team, Niece A and Niece I.

At one point my nieces got all of their small dolls and toys and lined them up on both sides of the board so that I could see the support of my cheerleaders.  They DESPERATELY wanted me to gain control of Great Britain so they could be the princesses, but it wasn't meant to be.

I got out after about three hours...much to the disappointment of my "team".  The game continued on for a couple of more hours.  Honestly I am not sure who the final winner was.  I know it wasn't Middle Boy.

I think we will buy the game.  The boys really enjoyed it.  I did, too.

Thanks for asking us to play Uncle G.
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