Younger Boy wants to be on the leadership team for youth group.

He has had the application for about four weeks now.  I have reminded him every day about getting it filled out.  For a while it was lost.  For a while he couldn't find a pen.  For a while he didn't know there was an application.

Today I told him that he has to get the application done or he can't be a part of the leadership team until next year.

Here's the thing...he is spending so much time in his four-year old self that he can't fill out the application.  He has no business being on the leadership team.  He will be a distraction at best.

He didn't get it filled out.  He can't find it.  (It is in the car on his seat and he sits on it every time he is in the car.)  I told him where it is.  He still can't find it.

Pray for me to give him grace.
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