Over the lunch hour today I got a message from Middle Boy.

A gentleman had been driving by and noticed water shooting out of the side of our house right above our gas meter.  He stopped and rang the doorbell to let us know.

He asked the boys if they knew what to do and they did not.  So...the boys and boarder let the nice gentleman into the house to help find the source of the water shooting out of the house.

They couldn't really describe it to me, but from the information I was able to get it sounds like a hose bibb that didn't drain down properly.

So...luckily it had a shut off valve and they were able to locate it.  They shut it off and once it starts to thaw we will need to have the line replaced and verify that it is a freeze-proof hydrant.  I am guessing...NO.

AARGH.  I know it isn't our sprinkler, because that was professionally drained down.

Stuff like this makes me crazy.  I am glad that the gentleman stopped and told us before we incurred a HUGE water bill.

Thank you God for this angel to help us in our time of need.
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