The drive to Youngest Sister's was relatively uneventful.  She only lives an hour away.

Middle Boy was having trouble with both his cell phone and his iPod.  One was freezing up and the other not maintaining a good signal.  So he did what any "rational" person would do.  He beat the associated electronic device on the dash of the car.  I'm 99% certain that is what the manufacturer's recommend as the first course of action when you are experiencing trouble.

This led to what seems like our daily discussion about how sometimes you just have to have patience with things.  Electronics don't always work perfectly...nothing does.  It isn't the end of the world or even really that big of a deal if you can't use them for a while.  This is not always (or hardly ever) received with a kind response, but I figure if I say it enough it will begin to sink in eventually.

Younger Boy slept the entire trip...not surprised.

Prayers for a good visit with family and wisdom in helping the boys through their need for everything to be immediate.
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