Niece I loves to pretend she is a doctor. 

So tonight as the boys finished their game of Risk with Uncle G, I was her patient.

She had me lay down on the couch and asked me if I needed a blanket.  Of course, that would be nice.  So she covered me up. 

She asked what was wrong.  I said "I have an ear ache."  She replied, "Lady, I am sorry.  I just opened this clinic and I don't know how to deal with those yet."

So, I told her I had a headache.  She knew what to do for that.  It was kind of an "alternative" treatment though.  It involved going and getting a plastic toy from the freezer.  (Not sure why it was there.)  Then the toy was placed on my forehead.  Following about five minutes of having this frozen toy on my forehead I actually did have a headache, but I didn't say anything to my health care provider.

Soon after I was pronounced cured.

It was fun to see her imagination and listen to her talk to me about providing care.
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