Middle Boy just needed reassurance from his mom that Sophie was going to be alright. 3:15AM I sat on his bed holding Sophie and rubbing his back until he could relax enough to sleep.

I hate watching him sleep.  He is hyper vigilant even in sleep.  This was a rough sleep.  He was moving all over.  He was moaning, almost crying.  He would tense up and then relax for a minute.  He would almost drift off and then his mind would realize it and he would be tensed back up again and awake.

I sat there for over an hour.  Just quietly rubbing his back.  Tears running down my face.  He never did get to a point where his breathing was deep or relaxed. 

I can't help but wonder all that has happened to this boy.  He has needed a mommy for a long time.  He still needs a mommy.

Sleep well, my sweet boy.  I love you.
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