This WAS our holiday plans:

Get together with all of my family from Friday the 28th through the following Sunday or Monday.  Everyone was going to have dinner at our home on Friday night and then Nephews JD and JJ were going to stay with us while everyone else went back to Lincoln.  We would go to Lincoln the following morning and join everyone else and spend the night there on Saturday night.

Since these plans were made Nephew JJ now has to have his tonsils out on December 27 and will be out of commission.   We are disappointed, but TOTALLY get why the surgery is when it is.  We would do the same thing.

Middle Sister has decided to do this THIS:

Drive part way here on Friday night.  Saturday stop at our house for a little while and then all of us go to Younger Sister's later in the evening.  She has to work until 6PM on Saturday night.  We may or may not be able to spend the night on Saturday, because we are signed up to help in the nursery at church on Sunday morning.

The boys can't handle this change.  We talked about it this morning and they don't get it.  They have NO ABILITY to roll with the punches.

I can't decide if we should try it or forget it.  Middle Sister is doing this partially for them and we do want to see them.  Maybe if we keep talking about it between then and now we can get to a place of acceptance of the new plan.

Middle Boy also has therapy on the morning of Christmas Eve.  We have talked about it MORE THAN ONCE.  Today he asked how many more times he has therapy before the break.  When I said three he couldn't deal with it.  No one told him.  I reminded him of our conversation.  Then he told me Therapist L didn't tell him so I was probably wrong.

I am hoping we can keep the remainder of our next couple of weeks fairly "regular", because otherwise it isn't going to be pretty...not pretty at all.
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