While Younger Boy was at youth group Middle Boy and I did some shopping and went to lunch.

When Middle Boy is in his most adult self and not struggling I enjoy him immensely.  He is funny and kind.

We bought a new sweater for Sophie that is easier to put on when she goes outside.  She will freeze if she doesn't wear one.  We debated and laughed about the down coats they have for dogs and how if we got it for her she would have the nicest coat in the family.  In the end she got a fleece jacket with a hood.  I wanted pink and Middle Boy wanted black.  She got blue.

Our lunch was actually delightful.  We chatted about what we want to make our Christmas "traditions" and the fact that we still don't have our tree up.  We will make it yet if it kills us (and it might).

We had a nice time together.  We enjoyed each others company.  It was time well spent.
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