Hearing from Younger Boy's bio mom prompted me to also reach out to Middle Boy's bio mom.

We had "chatted" once before.

Here is what we talked about...

Merry Christmas. I just wanted you to know Middle Boy is loved and doing well. I adopted him in September. I think of you often and will write more later. Have a blessed day.

Here's her reply...

Merry Christmas to you and Middle Boy.  Thank you for taking in your home and loving him please tell him i love him with all my heart and please tell him i miss him so much . I wish he would talk to me. I'm glad to hear he's okay.
Middle Boy had asked about baby pictures, I have a lot from his newborn and up I don't know if you want to meet and copy some for him.  Some I have enough copies of to just give you a copy. Several were taken while we were still in TX.  So just let me know.
Another door opened.  I will meet this woman.  Middle Boy doesn't want to talk to her, but he wants me to.  I think that way feels the most "safe" for him.
Prayers for this mama.

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