At 1AM Sophie was barking.  This usually means someone is transitioning somewhere else in the house or someone has left their room.  She is a pretty good indicator (tattle tale) of what is going on.

About five minutes later Middle Boy came in to tell me it was him and that he had gone into the bathroom, because his finger had cracked open and was bleeding.

Why I needed this information at 1AM I am unsure.  I suspect it was because he couldn't sleep and had been picking at the skin on his fingers.  It is a nervous, anxious habit of his and they frequently bleed from it.

So...another night of interrupted sleep.  Luckily I was only up for about 90 minutes after being woken up.  Another tired day.
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  1. DeeDee Says:

    I read your posts about lack of sleep, interrupted sleep, and stressful sleep oh how I can relate!!! I wish we could figure out a way to help each other out so maybe once in awhile each of us could get an actual true good night sleep…the only problem with this is when the boys are in good and capable hands I don’t sleep because they aren’t home and even “capable hands” don’t know all of the triggers.

    Praying for you and hoping that one day soon, very very soon we can both get a good night sleep!!!

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