During the baking session Sophie was a thief.  Younger Boy walked away from the table to get a glass of water and in that time Sophie was on the chair by the table and had eaten THREE unbaked peanut butter blossoms.  THREE.  Not much we can do about that.

She continued her milling around the kitchen hoping for more Christmas goodies.  A peppermint cookie fell on the floor and before we could catch her...GONE.

Okay have now eaten your body weight in Christmas cookies. 

Younger Boy kept saying "I hope she pukes".  Not helpful, but likely.

Sophie, Sophie, Sophie.
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  1. DeeDee Says:

    Got to love dogs...we have two of them and major major thieves!!!

    Yesterday our black one (Mater) got Cinnamon roll, 5 crackers, ½ of a banana & ½ a bowl of milk, both boys were waiting for the puking as well until I said who is volunteering to clean it up. I do believe he did have a stomach and frankly who/what wouldn't!

    Love them dogs!

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