Julia (that's what her blog name will be) is a fascinating woman.  She grew up in Afghanistan.  We talked for quite a while.  I admire her.

She came to the United States in 1998.  She was educated in Afghanistan before the Taliban regime.  Her father was an engineer and died in a bombing.  She didn't mention her mother.

She talked a lot about education and how she came here to become more educated.  She talked about politics.  Her thoughts...who cares about Democrat or Republican...let's follow the constitution and not enter war.  She has seen enough of war.

She recently became a Christian from Muslim and her family is rejecting her.  She is reading all of the Christian materials she can get her hands on that are written in Farsi.  She just finished "Purpose Driven Life".  Her church is looking for a translator for her so she can take more classes.

She asked to make "an appointment" with me in the future.  That means get together and chat.  I would like that so very much!!

Thank you God for bringing this fascinating woman into my life.
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