Both boys went to bed at a reasonable time last night.  I was so thrilled.  Finally a good night's sleep.

I celebrated a little early though.

At 2AM Middle Boy came in with Sophie.  She was panting and whining and he was VERY worried.  He was carrying her around.  He took her outside and when he came back in he said "she peed twice her body weight".  Hmmm...could be why she was whining.  She was really weird acting making him freaked out.

While we were up managing Sophie Younger Boy got up to go to the restroom.  In the time he was there Sophie went in his room and stole his glasses and hid under my bed with them.  No amount of coaxing was getting her out.  So...we tried to get the glasses for about five minutes.  Finally Middle Boy got them.

Right after that Younger Boy was in the restroom...vomiting.  Good grief.

I got him settled in bed and asleep.  Middle Boy was still following Sophie around and watching her like a hawk. we went to his room.
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