I talked to everyone in my immediate family today.  I started with Grandma and Grandpa.  Then came Middle Sister and her family and next was Younger Sister and her family.

I also talked to Mom J.  It was an interesting conversation.  They recently ran into Older Boy's bio dad.  Dad J handled it well.  Out of it came some information.  Dad J and I are going to meet with him in the next couple of weeks.  He has some missing pieces of information about our kiddos which may help us to piece together some of the trauma these kiddos have endured.

We were always told he had abandoned Older Boy at the psychiatric hospital.  That isn't what happened.  He was TOLD by the state that the only way to get help was to leave him there under the safe haven law.  He cried and cried when Dad J told him that isn't what the records show at all.  He wants to see his son.

They are going to work toward it through therapy...if the state will permit it...right now it is looking marginal.

He was around when these kiddos were little.  He knows what was going on.  He might be able to tell us if we are dealing with FAS/FAE or not.  Up until now we haven't been able to confirm.

Younger Boy talked to his biological siblings that live with Mom and Dad J.

It was a good morning of family conversation.
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