We did more baking tonight.

Here's what I have LOVED about the baking.  We had some really good bonding time with Boarder.  He has helped with the baking and around the house.  He did everything he was asked with the baking.  He was a good sport.

Tonight he and Younger Boy frosted peppermint chocolate cookies and put crushed candy canes on them.  When they started Younger Boy told him he had never frosted cookies before.  So, it became a lesson.  Watching them was so sweet.

They were talking about girlfriends and girls and God and loving Jesus. 

At one point Younger Boy asked Boarder if he wanted to just stay with us for Christmas.  Boarder said "My own family probably wants to see me and I want to see them.  I am here with you now and I will be back after, because you are my other family now."

I think about how Boarder ended up at our house in the first place.  To the outsider I KNOW it seems completely random.  To God...HIS PLAN...HIS PERFECT PLAN.
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