So for TWO DAYS we have been talking about the snow coming.  How it is going to be REALLY WINDY and like a BLIZZARD starting today and continuing tomorrow.

We have talked about how there might be a snow day from school tomorrow if the weatherman is right.

Last night we picked out warm clothes for Younger Boy to wear to school and put them on his dresser to wear today.  We talked about why he needed to wear them, because he will be at the bus stop and have to walk home from the bus stop after school.  It's about a block and a half.

This morning he comes out of his room in a t-shirt, shorts and FLIP FLOPS.  What?  Where are the clothes we put out last night and talked about?

Four year old Younger Boy said he didn't know it was supposed to snow.  He doesn't have any clean clothes.  No one told him he needed to dress warmly.  He is just going to wear this.  His teacher told him it isn't going to snow.

I explained he COULD NOT go to school unless he was dressed appropriately for the weather.  This caused crying and a lay-on-the-floor tantrum.

I asked if he was trying to not go to school.  No...he REALLY WANTS to go to school.  Then get up and put on pants.

With less than a minute to spare he was ready for the bus. 

Why?  What was this all about?

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