Today I got an email from the state about a program we are eligible for one year after the adoption. 

It is an aftercare program to help us through this "transitional" time and make sure all of our needs are being met.

I got the email today.  The adoptions were in September. 

Apparently we were deemed by someone (no idea who) to have "no transitional needs".  Who could judge that better than I can?  I'm guessing someone who had never met us, because that is how everything else seems to work.

Where was our aftercare specialist when I had to pay retail on prescriptions, because the old insurance was stopped and the new hadn't started?

Where was our aftercare specialist when I was calling insurance companies to tell them of the adoption so we could continue COURT ORDERED therapy?

The list could go on and on.

At this point the person who evaluated our family is probably transitional needs.  BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL BEEN TAKEN CARE OF.

I am crafting an email in return and to my new friends the "State Inspector General" and the Director of Health and Human Services to explain how "helpful" this service has been.

Pray for wisdom in my communications.
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