We haven't done much of anything to get ready for the holidays except buy baking supplies.  So tonight we baked.

We made peppermint chocolate cookies and pistachio cranberry cookies.  We crushed potato chips for chocolate covered potato chips.  We also made a small batch of peanut clusters.

It was a good time...for the most part.  We still had some frustrations along the way.  Any time Middle Boy is given a suggestion of a way to do something he immediately assumes he is stupid and yells "I am not perfect."  He also questions EVERYTHING.  Recipe says one cup...surely that is wrong.  One stick of butter...doesn't seem like enough.  He made cookies once before and they had oil...surely these need oil.  Doesn't say it in the recipe?  Doesn't matter...still needs oil.

We were able to get past it though and had a nice a family.  Sophie even ate some flour that spilled on the floor.  So...she had a role.

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