Over the past year I have become friends with a foster mama JA.  I have known of JA for YEARS, because her foster/adoptive daughter A has been coming to camp the entire time I have.  Her daughter is likely in the TOP FIVE of toughest kiddos who have ever come through camp.

What amazes me about JA is that she also has five other foster girls right now.  They are from multiple families and in multiple stages in the system.  I think one is close to termination of parental rights while others have just come in to her home.

This is what JA did for Christmas.  She prayed about how to give these girls what they needed for Christmas and the answer she got was "meet them where they are".  So JA invited ALL of the biological parents of her foster kiddos over for Christmas dinner.  At least three sets of parents.

She was apprehensive, but she just continued to them where they are.

The afternoon turned our WONDERFULLY and they are all getting together on New Years Eve. amaze me.  Your willingness to listen to God and to help these families all the while parenting a really tough kiddo yourself.

I am glad God introduced us, friend.
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