In the wake of the school shooting this past week in Connecticut there has been much published about the shooter and gun control and mental illness.

This article struck close to home.

Now...I have to include that I am not afraid of either of my boys.  I don't believe they would physically hurt me.

We have been to the psychiatric emergency room.  More times than anyone should ever go.  Middle Boy once "lived there" when he was seven...for about three weeks.  He doesn't know why.  The thing she described about the kid being "fine" in the ER and then being sent home, because he wasn't an imminent danger to self or others has happened to us.  Three times to be exact.  Twice with Older Boy when he was with us and once with Younger Boy.  As a mom I can't describe the frustration associated with it.

The pants episode she describes has happened at our house minus the death threats.

We keep all of our sharp objects locked in a tupperware.  I don't keep it with me.

We keep all of our meds locked in a closet.

My heart breaks for this mom.  I get it.  I wish I didn't, but I do.  It strikes a nerve with me.

Before foster care I NEVER knew this world of childhood mental illness existed.  Let's talk about it.  Let's help these kids.  Locking them up...NOT THE ANSWER.

Pray for all kiddos with mental health issues, foster or not.  Pray for their families...families who are doing the best they can...EVERY DAY...with the limited resources available to them.  Pray for a solution.  Until then...offer grace.  Give understand.  Lend a helping hand.  Work to understand.
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