Younger Boy has spent the majority of the last few months without one sort of electronic device or another.  This is largely in part due to the fact that he sneaks them into his room and plays them all night.

Today I decided we would start anew with those items.  He can have access to them again, but if the boundaries are crossed he will lose them.

They will all be "checked in" to me each night at 9PM.  I will charge them in my room and return them the next day after homework has been completed.  He will take his cell phone with him to school, but not call me to tell me things like "I am going to take the bus home."  That is the given.  Only call when you are doing something DIFFERENT.  Call when you get home.

So....I have shown him grace and given him another chance.  He would say second chance.  I would say more like one hundred and forty-seventh chance.

Prayers for responsible use of his items.
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