I have spent DAYS pre-teaching our holiday plans.  DAYS.

Today as I was once again explaining our plans for the holidays Middle Boy stopped me.

This was the first time he "heard" (not was told) we would be going to K's for Christmas dinner.  He was POSITIVE that every time before that I had told him we were going on Christmas Eve.

Nope I never said that, because I have always known we were going on Christmas Day.  This started him balking at the plan.  Allegedly Christmas Day is for family.  Yes, I agree, but it is also for friends who are like family.

I asked him repeatedly what he thought Christmas Day should look like.  I explained I can't meet his expectations of it if I don't know what they are.  Saying it is for family doesn't help me.

He never did really come up with anything.  I don't really know what he was envisioning.  I am hoping whatever it is doesn't cause big feelings or big behaviors when we actually get to Christmas Day.
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