Coach of the best friends I could ask for.  A real, transparent friend.

Today on our way home we talked on the phone.  We talked about our life frustrations right now.  We talked about the things where we know we are being ridiculous, but we can't shake it.  We talked about how we wished we could hang out more.  How this friendship is real and transparent and God given, because "on paper" we have no business being friends.

I told her how I am sad about Christmas.  Sad that my family isn't getting together and that Christmas will be just me and the boys.  Feeling selfish that there will be NOTHING under the tree for me to open.  Feeling ridiculous, because that isn't even what Christmas is about.

How I am to the core tired.  How the boys tell me they don't get any free time and every time they say it I want to explode and scream....I work through lunch every day, because you make me late and I NEVER get a break, because neither of you sleep.

These are the things Coach Z doesn't judge.  She just listens.  She encourages.  We laughed.  I didn't know until after we talked how much God had timed that call...for both of us.

God...thank you for Coach Z...for all that she is in my life and for her heart.
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