Tonight my LifeGroup was meeting for the last time before the holidays.  We haven't met for a couple of weeks due to various illnesses and other commitments.  These are my ladies.  This is the place I can go every week and just be an adult.  I can be prayed over and I can be heard.

I didn't get to go to LifeGroup tonight.  Not because I didn't want to.  I didn't have child care.  Babysitter J and Babysitter M have already headed home for Christmas.  Babysitter JP was at a wrestling meet and Boarder had to work.  Out of options.

I wish I could leave these two home for a little while by themselves.  I used to be able to.  Now I can't.  Middle Boy can be home alone, but he can't manage 4 year-old Younger Boy.  It isn't fair to ask him, because he doesn't get it.  He sees the younger behaviors and they frustrate him, but I can't have him manage them for an evening...SO...we are going to make the best of it...even if it is a change in routine.
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