I am tense right now.

I have to be out of town for two days for work.  That in and of itself is a little bit stressful.

Having to find care for the boys (there are limited volunteers) and get them organized is additional stress. 

The big wild card though is the abandonment (or not) that they will feel by me being gone.  Maybe that is what is going on now, but usually the "price to be paid" happens once I return home.

It doesn't seem to matter how much preteaching occurs.  They still think I will not return.  If I call them every night...doesn't matter.  I still don't love them.

Pray for Babysitter J the next couple of days.  Pray she still wants to help us out after this.

Pray for smooth transitions to me being gone and then home.  Pray for no changes in travel.  That would be a DISASTER.
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