Mid-morning we were going to leave for Youngest Sister's for our family Christmas celebration.

I woke the boys and got ready.  Middle boy came downstairs and we had the pill incident.

I asked him if he had seen Younger Boy.  He said "No, I thought he was down here with you."

So...he set off to find Younger Boy.  During the time I woke him and the time Middle Boy went looking for him he had forgotten we were going to Youngest Sister's for the day.

He had gotten out of bed to get dressed and got distracted by some legos.  Next thing he knew he was building the project with his new set.

This is the new Younger Boy.  Partial pre-teen boy and partial new normal with his ADHD/trauma.

Prayers for wisdom in how to deal with this new distractedness.  I'm not sure who will lose it or Middle Boy.
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