This morning I got a call from Younger Boy's school at 8:15AM.  They start at 7:40AM.  This couldn't be good.

Can I come and get him?  They have had to wake him FIVE times already this morning.

I got to the school to pick him up and the nurse asked about his sleeping habits.  I nearly lost it. 

I said this "Younger Boy was sexually and physically abused in multiple homes during the course of the night.  He is hyper vigilant.  He sleeps with his glasses and shoes on...EVERY case he has to get out in a hurry.  It has taken TWO YEARS to get to that point.  Before he wouldn't be under the covers and the window had to be open.  He fights sleep with every ounce of his being.  He is taking medication for sleep, but it doesn't really work.  There are other classifications of sleeping meds, but they are all habit forming so we aren't going to do that to him.  We are working on it in therapy...that is how we can close the window now." much does he sleep you ask?  Hardly ANY.  How much did he sleep last night?  I have NO IDEA.  Why?  Because I am so EXHAUSTED that I can't stay up with him every single night.

Do I think it would help to tell his teachers? whatever you want.

I took him home and he slept almost straight through until Thursday morning...almost.
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