This morning as I was waiting for the boys to get up I was on Facebook and saw this post by Younger Boy's bio mom.

"There are 4 young people that I would love to be spending my holiday with but can't and I'm ok with that because I know where they are right now they are having an excellent Christmas with families that love them as much as I ever could and for that I want to say THANK YOU to those families and I love you just as much as those 4 kids. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!! Thank You once again for your love and devotion to them!!!"

I decided to send her a message.  So this is what I sent...

Thank you so much for the post about Younger Boy. It brought tears to my eyes. I apologize for not having reached out sooner.  He is doing well. He is in seventh grade this year. He's not a big fan of school. He plays football and baseball. He is on the leadership team of our church youth group. He is a generous, kind, compassionate boy who cares about others.

I will send more later.

Merry Christmas!

A little awkward...obviously not sure what to say...but she responded with this...

Thank You so much for that you have just put the biggest smile on my face. I completely understand the hesitation and I am just so grateful for you and your family to love him like I do and you are angle just like his. I know you probably don't want to say anything to him about me but if you could just give him a big hug and kiss and say I love you I would be even more grateful and you don't even have to say its from me or even say a word about me. Thank You for your love for my son!!!!

My response...

I can do that. One day I hope he is in a place where talking to you isn't so confusing to him. Know this...he still loves you deeply. I can say that without pause.

Now the lines of communication are open.  I don't know what will come of it and for now Younger Boy doesn't need to know.
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