For the last two days I have been in Biloxi, Mississippi, for work.

Babysitter J stayed with the boys.  For the most part things went pretty well.

I came home to a house that was a disaster, but it was mostly a disaster when I left so I can't really be irritated about that.

Tuesday night they had a little bit of trouble with anger management.  Younger Boy had "borrowed" something of Middle Boy's and not put it away.  Sophie chewed it up.

I am VERY PROUD of Middle Boy because he followed his safety plan pretty closely.  The only thing he didn't do was to let Babysitter J know that he was leaving to take a walk to cool down.  Otherwise he did EXACTLY what he should have done.

Homework didn't really get caught up.  Allegedly it was getting done.  I am a bit skeptical.

Praying for things to go well.
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