So...I don't know when I last gave an update on my foster care license renewal, but here is all of the latest.

Early last week, with the help of my attorney, I wrote a letter requesting the appeal to the revocation of my license.

That same day I talked to three people on the board of Voices.  These people have been invaluable in this journey regarding my license.  One of these individuals also happens to be my boss.  He is becoming nearly as passionate about this as I am.

They suggested I call Thomas Pristow.  He is the Director of Children and Family Services for our state.  They gave me his direct number.  They said that I could call the Director of Health and Human Services but he would likely defer to Mr. Pristow.

I called him on Wednesday of last week and was told by his administrative assistant that either he or she would get back to me yet that day.  When I didn't hear back I called again on Thursday and this time was told "someone" would get back to me that day.  That evening, on my work phone, someone many levels down from the director called me.

I let my Voices team know what had happened.  Immediately all three said to contact the Child Welfare Inspector General.  It is her job to oversee that DHHS is doing things that benefit the welfare of children in our state.

On Friday I got an email from someone on the Voices team telling me that Mr. Pristow would be calling me in the next few business days, because he wants to know what is going on.  My voices team has asked me if I am okay with this going to press.  If it will change the system for the better...absolutely.

Ironically at the same time someone gave me a copy of an article in the paper about our state needing homes for 400 kids over the age of 6.  Available for adoption TODAY.  They also had the Presidential Proclamation attached it to. I am.  No idea if I am going to have my license renewed, but seem to be causing a stir in the system.

Here is what I have decided.  While my preference would be to have my license, because I want to have the adoption to adopt more kids.  I also want to be able to do respite.  The other thing is this...should the need ever arise to provide foster care for my grandchildren...I couldn't.  However, I am okay if I don't get the license renewed.  It would stink that it was revoked, but I can be an agent of change if that is the case.

God has opened SO MANY doors on this journey that I know He is with me each step of the way.  He is for the orphan and the widow.  There is no denying that.

Prayers as we continue going forward.
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