Today both boys had dentist appointments.  On the way there I was talking about what they might expect while they were at the dentist.  Younger Boy was going for a check-up and since it was a new to him dentist Middle Boy would be doing a full initial appointment.

Of course this was not okay with Middle Boy.  Why didn't Younger Boy have to get the full work-up?  When I said they would probably do xrays and it wouldn't hurt or really be a big deal Middle Boy flipped out.  I should have told him sooner.  What was I thinking telling him on the way to the dentist.  I should know that he needs to know sooner.

Good grief...I can't win for trying.  I just wanted to pre-teach.  I don't have enough energy to pre-teach weeks in advance.  Neither boy would remember what I said anyway.

Younger Boy has three cavities, but they are all in baby teeth so they aren't going to do anything about it.  He told the dentist he hasn't brushed his teeth since July.  Seriously?  That isn't even true so why?

Middle Boy had a cavity.  It is not in a baby tooth so it will need to be filled.  They are going to fill it with a material that will match his tooth.  Good thing, because he told them if they used something else he would have to pull the whole tooth out with a pliers.  Irrational?  Yup.

So...on the way home (because it was the first I knew it was going to need to happen) I was talking to Middle Boy about what they do when they do fillings.  He stopped me...why am I telling him this now?  The appointment isn't for a month.

My head might explode...literally.

Prayers for good oral hygiene.  Seems like a weird prayer, but honestly both boys struggle with is a part of self image.
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