Today Sophie went to get a bath and her nails trimmed.

I told Middle Boy that he could drive there and home, but because of the holiday traffic he would need to make sure he was a good listener and didn't argue with me.  (Dream on.)

He argued every step of the way.  It is insane.  He SCREAMS "you didn't tell me" at everything I say.  He's right.  That is what I am doing now.  Telling you.  I am just pointing out things like "next time you should stop and wait for that person" and "make sure you slow down over speed bumps" and "please start braking a little sooner".  I am not shrieking or freaking out.  I am just stating facts.

If it continues this way he will just have to wait until he can take driver's ed.

Sophie was so excited to see us.  She smells like a BIG sugar cookie.  She didn't seem to care about the tension in the car.

Prayers for wisdom.
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