I am managing the registration for RFKC and TRAC camps this year.  I think it is my third year for both and maybe my fourth for RFKC.  I can't really remember.

The camp applications went in the mail over the weekend.

Today I have been bombarded by calls about camp.  This hasn't happened in the past.

For the last few years I have developed phone relationships with some of these people and some are "new friends".

Today I had an amazing conversation with a foster mama who has a boy who goes to camp and has a girl in her home who just became camp age.  She wanted to check on sending the girl.  We actually ended up talking for almost an hour.  They were pursuing adoption of the two girls in their home, but not the boy.  They have decided to include the boy in spite of his really big behaviors.

We talked about church.   Where I got to church.  How they are looking for a church and how they would like to try our church.  I invited them to join me.  I'll follow up later in the week.

We talked about adoptions and name changes and what did my boys do.  We talked about therapy and how some of it isn't so could and some is amazing.

I talked to another foster mama about how her cancer is back and she is hospitalized and needing prayer.  She is the grandma of her kiddos and is worried what will happen to them should something happen to her.

I talked to yet another foster mama wanting to check on space for a kiddo who has been in and out of her home for a couple of years, but never "in" during camp season.  This time it looks like he might be.  Do we have space?  His dad is abusive and the child has never been out of our city.

This group of people who I wouldn't recognize if I saw them in person are my friends.  My support system.  I get where they are coming from.  I love taking the time to chat with each of them...for however long they feel they need to chat. 

I'm always a little bit sad when it ends so I am treasuring it right now.  The fact that kids are getting registered for camp in the process is just an added bonus.

Thank you God for putting me in this role to minister and be ministered to.
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