The YMCA here has two separate teen programs.  The first is a day program for teens to attend and just hang out SUPERVISED for the entire day.  This is the program Middle Boy went to last year and the program Younger Boy will go to this year.

The other program is a program paid for by the parent, but it is a training program for jobs.  The teens are actually assigned "jobs" either around the YMCA or with the summer programs and they learn responsibility and so on.  This is what Middle Boy will be doing this year.

He has requested to be the person in charge of lunches and snacks for the day campers.  He helped with this last year and really enjoyed it.  He made a list of ways it could be improved and called the teen program director.

So, this, and mowing lawns will be Middle Boy's summer job.

Praises for programs like these for kids who need supervision.  They are REALLY DIFFICULT to find for teens.
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