What a shame....Middle Boy's phone was confiscated today during school.

It is a rule that their phones must be in their lockers from first bell until final bell.  If a teacher or administrator sees a phone they are confiscated and the parent has to go and pick it up.

The irony of this is that just last Friday when we were waiting FOREVER at the cell phone store I reminded him that if his phone was ever confiscated at school I would not go and pick it up until the last day of the school year.

He called me from home just now.  Of course it wasn't really his fault the phone was confiscated.  The teacher is stupid.  The alarm was going off and what did I expect him to do? It was disrupting the class.  I told him I would email the teacher to find out what happened.  I'm guessing the alarm story is made up.

In a weird way this is a blessing.
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