A friend who I met at Integrative Parenting class sent me the link to the following article today.

The Trauma Tornado

I read this and I think about my boys. 

After two years they still lie and steal.  They still think I am not going to come home when I leave.  They still think I will not provide food for them and that we are going to run out of money at any given second.  They think I would feed them food that is expired or even pulled from the trash.  They don't think they will have a coat or enough clothes or enough shoes or enough anything.

At first I just perpetuated the tornado.  Probably even helped to intensify it.  Sometimes still do.

I now know how to get out of the tornado.  It is scary though.  It is counter-intuitive.

I am thankful to have some good therapists helping us and also for friends who continually remind me and provide me with reinforcing reminders.

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