Since I adopted the boys I needed to get them new social security cards.

I honestly thought it couldn't possibly take that long.  Just go in...pick up a card.

I am going to say this now.  If you live in my area and are planning to retire in the next five or six years you might want to get in line at the social security office.

No joke.  I actually went yesterday, too, but waited for about 90 minutes and had to leave with 27 people still waiting in my category alone.

They have eight categories of lines.  People specializing in different issues. 

I got out of there today in just under two hours.  No cards.  A letter telling me I will receive the cards in the mail within a couple of weeks.

I hope I don't have to go there anytime soon again.

I pray for all of those people who were there waiting...just waiting.
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