Younger Boy is struggling to stay on task with nearly EVERYTHING right now.

Tonight it took him 45 minutes to eat a single chicken sandwich.  I can't even really describe what he was doing, because when I look at him he seems to be taking a bite or eating.  There is nothing else going TV, no music.

Tonight he went to get himself a glass of water and came back 20 minutes after going out to the garage to air up a basketball.  I don't know why.

He went to put his basket of laundry in his room and was "coming right back".  I didn't seem him again until I asked what he was supposed to be doing.

I have been hesitating to use a timer for everything, but it is getting to that.  I am constantly walking around saying "what should you be doing right now and what did you leave upstairs to come down and do".

Therapist C warned me that as we push through the traumas we were going to get worse before better.

We are seeing the worse now.

Father...give me the wisdom for how to deal with Younger Boy not staying on task.
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