This morning when I got up and went downstairs I noticed there was a list of wrestling moves for both Middle Boy and Younger Boy on the dining room table.  A list that wasn't there last night when I went to bed.

Younger Boy was already up, because he had therapy.  He was EXHAUSTED.  I woke up Middle Boy and asked what had been going on last night during the night.

Both swore nothing.  Then Younger Boy said "you are probably going to say we were wrestling, so fine, I was wrestling". 

I told them both there was a consequence for lying.  Both insisted they didn't know how they had lied.  I explained it to them.  Middle Boy agreed.  Younger Boy did not.  He was still sure that by telling me a bold faced lie three times followed by the above statement of truth was NOT lying.

He went to the garage to get something and while there punched the wall twice.  He alleges that he didn't punch it, but rather tried to turn off the light using a book.   Another inaccuracy.

So...both boys have a 24 hour consequence for lying.

I'm still praying that one day they will trust me enough to tell me the truth about something...ANYTHING.
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