First I have to start by saying that EVERY holiday is hard here.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.

We started on a downward spiral while running our quick errand.

Middle Boy completely lost it....COMPLETELY.

He hates the plans we have for Easter.  He doesn't want to participate.  He isn't part of the family.  No one treats him like he belongs in the family.  I am choosing a friend over him. 

I offered for all of us to stay home.  No...he doesn't want to do that.

I offered for him to stay home.  No...he is going, but he is going to make everyone miserable.

By now I am crying and frustrated.

Then I hear this...

"Why are you crying you f****** b****?"

I can't do this today.  I wish he wasn't hurting so bad.  I get that even though this is his forever family he is grieving his biological family.  I just wish it didn't suck this much.
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