After the butterfly technique last week with Therapist D this week they had another technique for trauma process they wanted to use with Younger Boy.

We are still working on the fact that it was not his fault he went to foster care.  That he is not a "bad kid".

We are trying this new technique, because even with the butterfly technique last week he was still able to dissociate.

This technique involved holding a thought in each hand.  In one hand he held the thoughts of "why me and I must be the bad one" and in the other he held the thought of "my parents made choices which caused me to be removed from their care".  From there the squeezed his hands into a fist alternating left, right, left, right.

He REALLY tried to dissociate.  You could see it, but because he had to also focus on Therapist D's hands and follow how she was squeezing hers with his own he had to stay in the present.

After five three-minute sessions of this he was finally able to say he thought that maybe his parents weren't ready to be parents.

Praises for a little bit of forward progress in therapy today.

In our short conference afterward Therapist C said "you know you are going to be in therapy for a long time, right?"  Yes...I know.
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