This afternoon I took Grandma, Grandpa, and the boys to see CAMP.

Younger Boy cried a number of times through the course of the movie.  He was sitting by Grandma so I don't really know which parts really got the tears flowing.  He said afterward it was because he felt bad for the main character and because sometimes he misses going to that camp.

Middle Boy appreciated the fact that foster kids were not made out to be morons or weirdos.  (His words.)  He said he "teared up" a couple of times. 

We were able to talk a lot about the coping strategies all of the kids in the movie used as part of their life situation. 

We were also able to talk about the hope God brings to each of our lives.

Younger Boy wants to go again.  I'm sure he will find someone to take him!!  He's pretty charismatic.

God...thank you for this movie.  For using this film to raise awareness about foster kids and about the hope RFKC and TRAC can give to them.

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