Younger Boy is spending the better part of the day reading.  His reading goal (which he set) was to read two full books over spring break.  He is a little bit behind.

Middle Boy is working on a seven chapter therapy packet on empathy.  Today's assignment is kind of difficult for him.  He has to choose five people he knows who he thinks have life harder than he does.  He has to explain why and tell how he should treat them and explain his empathy toward them.

His choices were interesting.  Honestly, his life has been pretty hard. 

He chose:

Coach Z's husband, S.  He is in a wheelchair and Middle Boy thinks that would be hard.  He had a lot of logistical questions for me on this one.  His biggest concern was showering and personal hygiene.

His second choice was, Middle Brother, Younger Boy's brother who has cerebral palsy.  He is also on a ventilator and a feeding tube.

His third choice was a boy from school who is in special education.

His fourth choice was Younger Boy for mental health issues.

His fifth choice is mom, because she is a drug addict.

He is really putting forth effort into this assignment.  Maybe he has turned a corner in terms of therapy.
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