One thing Therapist C and I have noticed about Younger Boy is that he has ZERO concept of time.


Tonight he took one of sleeping meds.  Psychiatrist told us that if he isn't sleeping within 30 minutes he is to take another...up to a total of four.

After about 40 minutes he came to my room to tell me he couldn't sleep.  I got him another half of a sleeping pill.

He went back to his room and said if he still wasn't sleeping he would be back in 30 minutes.

He was back in FOUR MINUTES.

I asked what he was doing.  He said it was time for his next sleeping pill, because it had been more than 30 minutes.

Did you look at a clock?  No, I just know.

I told him "Younger has been FOUR minutes.  I know that thirty minutes seems like a really long time to you, but we can't take the meds closer together than that."

Every day I am reminded of this lack of concept of time.  My prayer is that one day he will know.  He will be able to recite the months in order (neither boy can now), he would know the days of the week in order (Middle Boy does and Younger Boy doesn't), and they would both know how many seasons there are and what order they are in.

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